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Teaching activities

At universities and various professional, semi-professional and lay forums lecture and explain it another decade. Especially for young and old authors, and also for those who want to know how advertising works, what they are good corporate and product brands to work with the results of intellectual and industrial property. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of image (and other) material and all lectures are richly illustrated through the cases and examples from practice.

Advice for your colleagues or employees prepare a lecture or a series of “tailor-made” to suit your needs. Perhaps the work under the Copyright Act, the license agreements on the protection of intellectual wealth, to trade marks, citations, and the use of foreign works on protection of design works …. In short, according to your needs and my possibilities, knowledge and skills in the subject matter . If you need copyright or industrial-question “only” consult, i may have a job for you to look.

Why consult something or someone trained in companies is obvious: training employees less frequently commit copyright or industrial property infringements, mostly “fall on the head” of the employer. This can be avoided, to the satisfaction of the company, employees and third parties offenses of stupidity condition does not. Self-employed persons in turn, often out of ignorance or convenience, let so called “money lying on the ground.” Prevention is the cheapest defense and Luck favors the prepared. Email or call, where there is a will there is a way, they say.

Below are the most comprehensive selection of contemporary and historic teaching activities
Copyright and Related RegulationsFaculty of Fine Arts in Brno
Psychology of Advertising and Marketing CommunicationsDepartment of Psychology at Masaryk University in Brno
Absolute independenceNational Student Conference of the Czech Association of Psychology Students’ Application psychologist in practice “, Olomouc, 5 to 6 March 2004
Advertising and competition, book releases, Trizonia, Prague 1995, discussed

Overview of articles in the periodical press and other media, see the section publishing activities