Earmark: sound trademark

earmarkEUjazz_02_wFor the ears of your customers.
The legal order of the EU to protect as a trade mark also tune, tune, sound trailer. You know the few notes accompanying the Intel ® Inside / pa pa pa pam /, ditty McDonald’s ® “I ‘m lovin’ it” or tune an ice cream wagon Family Frost ® – these are the famous and familiar tones, characteristic for said tags. Sound trademarks bring customers to the door or car sales, while listening to the melody evokes you just mentioned product, brand, product or service. Restraining hearing still works across goods and services, entertainment services from the microprocessor, from food to purchase leather from the circus science.

Music is the universal language

If you are using in their work with clients also sound a tune or do you plan to, please contact us – we will help you on your melody and its protection throughout the European Union!

The process of preparation and the actual registration of a sound mark registration will of course be different if it already exists, or if the melody is first necessary to create it.

If your already existing melody is first necessary to search audio mark in relation to existing registered marks and to find out whether any other protected melody too strikingly resembles, albeit unintentionally. Already at this stage of preparatory work, we work with professional musicians.

In the case of the creation of the original audio work is also carried out searches to be defined between the existing constraints written tunes for the creation of a new space – here in collaboration with top musicians provide variants of new works for any pretest and the selection and transfer of copyright to you.

Then you can represent in proceedings for registration of a sound mark at OHIM and the melody will be for specific products or services belong only to you. The protection period is 10 years old and can repeatedly renew for consideration, resp. dispose of it as another mark, such as verbal or visual.

Suitable for a stronger company with international scope, “all signs on the road” for businesses aware of the potential unique proprietary audio teasers customers.