logotypes & visual design

Brands, logos, visual style

Brand, logo, logotype, mark – simple symbols that span as accurately as possible “personality” of the manufacturer or the “spirit” of the product. When talking about the brand, “survives” reduction to the edge 1cm (or less), is legible in black and white colors. We can go in metal as well as cutting plotters, engrave glass and set in motion animation. The equivalent of a guild or character punch, so I feel good logo, brand, mark. Because I love a good craft, I love the retro. There are many designers who they say they are doing logos. We do brand. Trademarks. Which must fulfill many different conditions. Cheapest logos do not. If you’re counting, you can inquire creating brands, logos, corporate identity or a facelift of your label. When creating original brands account for other possibilities, as for example registrability for protection as a trade mark, it differs significantly from our manufacturers of logos. Ensuring licensing terms acceptable to both parties in writing (license agreement for use of the work). For the preparation of solutions and concepts graphic design sketch fees are charged. There is no order quantity, but to create a label that has a story, and content that will more than serve its purpose well. In such cases, the selection and two proposals lot. Do not be afraid to ask.