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prumyslovyvzor_EarMarkEU_Ilustr2014wTo protect the new product? It can be shaped chocolate devil decor tiles or something exclusive property protected? It is not right to specific industries or very similar product to someone else? Similarity does not exceed the foreign product with your product legal limit? You can actually save by performing many tasks themselves? As in the case of objections and disputes procedure? They will not be your current low cost of only depreciable tax-deductible item, but eventually managing “what did not work?”

When thinking about how you can use the services of Czech and European patent attorney for the right to design the matters

• Researches competitive and substitutable products
• Preparation of applications for industrial designs, including the RCD (Recorded community design)
• Acquisition and representation in the national and international filing management and related services
• Disputed management in design matters including RCD (Community designs), etc.
• Preparation of sales, sales and transfers designs
• Assistance with marketing communications offer in sales of industrial designs
• Preparation of relevant contracts and documents etc.

and for other necessary operations and contracted.