Creation, development and branding, trademark registration

How to call a new product? Why can just champagne from the Champagne region? It is not right for a particular lot or similar designation to someone else? Similarity does not exceed your sign and the other marking the legal boundaries? You can actually save by performing many tasks themselves? As in the case of objections and disputes procedure? They will not be your current low cost of only depreciable item control “what did not work?”

When thinking about how you can use the services of Czech and European patent attorney for the law on the labeling and design in matters

• Searches competitive and interchangeable designation
• Preparation of trademark applications in the Czech Republic and abroad
• The proceedings and representation in the national and international filing management and related services
• adversarial proceedings in trade mark matters
• the sale and assignment of trademarks

and for other necessary operations and contracted.

Important notice: From 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2019, I will not provide the services of a patent attorney.